Pitch Comments

During the process of creating and maintaining a Digital Artefact, I am required to comment on 3 of my peer’s pitches, to give feedback on their projects, help them in their development, and suggest further reading and resources for them to access. In turn, they will provide me with feedback, allowing us to create our own feedback loop throughout the semester.

Comment 1

My first comment was on Caitlyn Du Buisson Perrine’s pitch – All Things Beauty: Girls Chat Space. Caitlyn is planning on taking a look at how make-up, cosmetics, and body image will change in the next 5, 10, 20 and 50 years, and what affect this will have on different industries of work. In my comment, I linked a site that discussed how the perception of beauty and body image had changed over the past few hundred years up until now and how it is especially interesting that the most favourable body image changed every few years, and though one particular feature or style may have been deemed attractive 10 years ago, the complete opposite may now be deemed attractive. I then linked this idea back to the Week 2 blog – Future Thinking, which discussed how our visions of the future are always shaped by our perceptions of the past.

I also gave some feedback regarding Caitlyn’s digital artefact’s size, as she has planned on looking at the future of beauty in 5, 10, 20 and 50 yearโ€™s time, which may be too much to complete in the limited time we have to complete this subject.

Comment 2

My second comment was on Amy Dunn’s pitch – “Where will we be in 2070?”. Amy’s digital artefact is quite similar to my own, as we are both exploring humanities impact on the environment. Amy’s project will be focusing on “the future of living in Australia in 20 years as a result of climate change”. In my comment, I started by addressing an issue that I had also faced when ideating my project – I started too large and had to ideate my project to make it more manageable. I suggested that rather than have four main points to address, she choose one to go into more detail about. The four statements she plans on looking at are:

  • The future of living in Australia in the next 50 years as a result of climate change.
  • Explore examples of imagined futures as well as the accuracy of scientific predictions.
  • Discuss the future based on current statistics and projections.
  • explore media and climate forecasts to make predictions.

I also linked her ideas back to the week three lecture, where Chris talks about the positives that the rich face and the negatives for lower classes, due to the massive imbalance of wealth, as well as the effect this has on living conditions and the environment. Furthermore, I linked to a site that discussed how far climate change had progressed in the past 50 years.

Comment 3

My final comment was on Danielle Godden’s pitch – “Are you sure you want to buy that?”. Danielle’s pitch is a video series focusing on the effects of fast fashion. My first suggestion was that she should raise awareness to what brands are the most harmful and un-sustainable, and how to avoid these brands. I also suggested she branch out to other platforms, to grow her audience and educate more people.


Overall, I am quite satisfied with the quality of my comments, as I managed to give feedback about each individual project, and link outside resources that may be useful for each student. I was also able to link back to the lecture content in two of my comments, however, I was unable to in the third, which is something I hope to improve by the time of the Beta presentation.

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