Since 2018, I have created and curated numerous projects, profiles, channels and sites. These are documented and linked below.

Website Creation/Design – North Gong Daily

For my University degree, I was required to make a digital artefact, that a large portion of my assessments were based upon. Therefore, I approached a local surf report group that I knew through surf club, and asked whether they would be interested in me developing a website for them. The website was built from scratch and features the main surf report, as well as images of North Wollongong beach. Most recently, I have used the WordPress plugin WooCommerce to turn the website into a store, allowing NGD to sell its merchandise more freely. The website currently has t-shirts and hoodies available, with different designs coming soon.

Account Management – UOW Creative

Over the course of 2020, I have been a part of the UOW Creative team. UOW Creative is a UOW LHA Faculty initiative which seeks to promote and show case the creative aspects of University by sharing art by students, events and information across Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok. As part of this team I was responsible for creating content and posting it, creating weekly analyses depicting the interactions we received over the past week, and moderating the accounts to ensure everything posted is appropriate.

Twitter – @hayden_curley

My Twitter profile was created for me to engage with my tutors and peers at university, as well as the content I have learnt whilst there.

I also use it for sharing updates on the projects I am working on and interacting with news and topics that interest me.

Blog – curley.home.blog

As part of my university studies, I was required to create a blog for many of my subjects. On this blog, we post resources, media and explanations of the weekly readings and lecture materials, as well as certain assessments, to demonstrate that we understand the content and can apply it in a practical way.

Instagram – @curley_hayden

My personal Instagram account, which I use to share pictures of myself, my partner, my dog, events and things that interest me.

YouTube – Hayden Curley & North Gong Daily

As part of my studies I also created two YouTube channels. The first is used for university work, it has videos of me explaining my projects throughout my time at university.

The second is for the videos posted on North Gong Daily, as YouTube videos can be embedded onto the site, therefore saving space on the actual site.

Facebook – Hayden Curley

My personal Facebook account where I interact with friends and family, share memes and engage in topics that interest me.

Web Design – Aurora Consulting

I have recently been asked by the owner of Aurora Consulting to completely re-do their website, to give it a fresh, modern and professional look.